Review: Reggae Loves Soul Compilation by Undisputed Records (FR)

It’s been a little while now since the frenchies Undisputed Records, released their “Reggae Loves Soul” brilliant compilation.  A 13-tracks album celebrating amazing Soul music standards with a genius Reggae ear and great voices.

It is absolutely obvious that Reggae Loves Soul, you will tell me, as History has taught us what was being played in Jamaica back in the days, and as we have listened to so MANY reggae covers of Soul music songs from different artist all over the world… But this album, believe me, will surprise you to the fullest.

Having a look on the tracklist, the first surprise comes from the original cast : Bobby Hebb, Ann Peebles, Bobby Bland, The Temptations, Wendy Rene (to name a few)and classics from the african-american music all together. And to celebrate them ? An unexpected but so well made up team.

From the very first track, you get in the mood with the incredible duo Skarra Mucci / Chezidek, to who we could have sung Sunny back, because of their powerful and catchy combination. Thinking about it, it couldn’t have been done in a better way. Same for Marina P, beautiful and talented italian singer, who definitely enchants our ears and catches up the whole attention with her deep and loud I wish I were that girl. So much emotion in her voice, you could even picture the scene.

Feel the groove and let yourself fly with the notes in the air. Relax, the journey has just started.

If you see the postman Maikal X, don’t forget to ask him a verse from The way you Threated me. I’m sure you will treat him bad as well so he can sing it again and again for your pleasure… Unless Diana Rutherford comes to interrupt Troubles, Heartaches & Sadness with delicacy. Hopeton James & Ranking Joe and Glen Washington aside, respectively delivering Just My Imagination and Four Walls, bring a deep joy and hope to the story right before Turbulence comes in. I have to admit If loving you is wrong is to me one of the most beautiful love song on earth, and this cover brings a new shinny color on it.
Last but not least, young but not cheap, the incredibles 4 : California Love (Faye & Mystic Loic), Motherless Child (Jezzaï)  and Saint James Infirmary (Paul Noyah, definitely a not-to-miss-in-your-life), out of nowhere (France in fact).

Throughout the whole selection, you just deeply fall into a feeling that few artist are able to create. You don’t have time to get used to it, don’t wanna stop it, can’t even escape from the repeat button. I guess the FANTASTIC work of the musicians, specially brass instruments is a lot responsible for it. They drive you from a year to another, from a high tessitura to a closer one, from an emotion to another. They resound like a heartbeat and keep the music alive.

What a production ! Undisputed Records and Brimstone, thank you for giving us this [OMG] wonderful gift, definitely looking forward the next one [in May]. I am already in love with this project, and awaiting the vinyl version to fall deeper.

[Buy it and your ears, heart, mind, soul and body will thank you !!!]
Then find a comfortable place and position, press play… then repeat…

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