Reggae Star I-Octane Ignites The New Year With New Album, ‘My Journey’

Reggae star I-Octane ignites the New Year with his new album My Journey, available worldwide in stores and online on March 4, 2014 from DJ Frass/Tad’s Record.

Born Byiome Muir in Clarendon, Jamaica, I-Octane has been blazing a trail for himself at home and internationally ever since hitting the scene over 5 years ago, and has accomplished the rare feat of consistently remaining relevant in a fickle reggae landscape, receiving continuous airplay across reggae formats globally with his flourishing catalog. A special project with his long-time musical collaborator and friend Andre “DJ Frass” Gordon, My Journey delves inside the soul and sound of this prolific artist, whose innate talents, conscious lyrical offerings and high-energy performances remain unparalleled.

Reggae meets lovers rock on this 16-track masterpiece, which features guest appearances from fellow reggae luminaries Gentleman and Ky-Manie Marley, and songstress Alaine. Staying true to his signature sound that fuses velvety vocals and memorable hooks over catchy rhythms, My Journey lives up to its name as all tracks are penned by the multi-faceted entertainer, with a few singles co-written by producer DJ Frass.

“Musically, this album represents my growth as an artist and as a person,” reveals I-Octane. “Over the years, my perspective on a lot of things have changed and I’m now seeing things not just from a local standpoint but from a more global perspective. This album is not just for a particular group, it is for everybody and the music and content reflect that.”

The entire album was produced by Jamaican hit-maker DJ Frass, who says even though this collaborative album has been in conception for years, once the two friends decided the time was right, it only took one month for all the tracks to be recorded in his studio. “It feels good to do this album with I-Octane because he and I are like family, we’re like brothers,” discloses DJ Frass. “I-Octane is a very good artist and we’ve been working together for a long time. So doing this album and being on this journey with him is extremely fulfilling.”

Jamaican imprint Tad’s Record teams up with producer DJ Frass to deliver I-Octane’s work of love to the masses.

“When the opportunity arose for us to work with I-Octane, we gladly accepted,” states Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Record. “He is one artist that we saw great potential in from the release of his first single years ago, and he has lived up to and surpassed all the expectations there were for his career.”

I-Octane has been making the rounds on the international circuit, touring and introducing his new album to audiences far and wide. The first single, “Love You Like I Do,” has been receiving massive fanfare and radio play, at home and across reggae platforms worldwide. Its beautifully crafted, vintage-styled video was also released and is currently in steady rotation on television channels.

The album is currently being mastered and the final track list will be released to media and fans, in the coming weeks. With his journey now documented in time, I-Octane looks forward to bringing his new music to fans everywhere, via the album and touring, and even has several album release events planned to properly launch My Journey to the world.

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