Reggae talent Rapha Pico from Amsterdam, Holland release EP “ROOTS”

Born with Roots reggae in his genes, Rapha Pico, the son of Holland’s legend Djeynah Delbety (Revelation time) has released his first EP “Roots” at the 7th of January 2014. Inspired by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Inna Di Yard All-Stars, Midnite and many more legends. Rapha brings back the ancient sound.

In the past Rapha Pico shared the stage with artists like Protoje, Julian Marley, Romain Virgo, Norris Man and many more. Now its time for him to rise and build his own career.

Summer 2013 Rapha Pico and “Skippa” Robby Pinas lead singer and bass player from Rebel Jam made a trip to Kingston Jamaica. In cooperation with amazing musicians from Pentateuch, Beres Hammond and the Marley’s, the multi-instrumentalist also Benelux Reggae contestant recorded this inspiring EP. All of the songs are mixed by the amazing Roland McDermott.

Press play and Rapha will teach you the value of life. Live the life you love because Before You Know It your gone. Don’t live without a purpose, goal or aim because life is short.

Although the Road is Hard, we must never give up, ups and downs, fallings and risings all belong to the circle of life. Everyone can relate to this beautiful conscious song and with the backings from Nikki Burt one of the best backing vocalist from Jamaica, this song will support you in bad times.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage .Life is beautiful when we are surrounded by that special one. The one who simply loves us for who we are. That’s what the song I Love You is all about. With Rapha’s soulful voice and the beautiful melody he makes you fall in love all over again.

The EP ends with the hit “ROOTS”. Our Roots makes us who we are. It’s the melanin that’s running through our veins, it’s the way we live the way we eat, the way we speak. Being a part of the Reggae Revival Rapha will confirm this with his groovy dub/ Roots rock Reggae song. One thing is sure: Rapha brings back the Royal African sound.

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