Reggae veteran Jerry Harris releases 16-track “The Right Treatment” album

This March 15, veteran inna di business Allan ‘Jerry’ Harris, released his “The Right Treatment” album. From track one into the whole album, it keeps you in those Roots Reggae * Loversrock vibes we all love so much.

Jerry’s soothing soulful voice takes you on a journey through the album, from the herb song “A Nu Ganja” to the title track “The Right Treatment”, his rendition of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and the self reflecting track ‘Different Journey’. In “This Generation’ Jerry asks himself what will happen to the current Generation. It’s a pure joy of easy listening. We suggest you check out this new album, sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride, and get that Right Treatment!

About Jerry Harris
Born in Jamaica and living in New York since 1975, Jerry Harris has been a prominent figure in the New York Reggae music scene. He has produced various records with Lloyd Barnes’ BullWackies Records in the Bronx and has had success in Japan working with a Japanese company to promote reggae music.

Harris, born Allan Harris in the parish of Portland, has dedicated his life to music since the age of 14. Influenced by his father, a professional jazz and calypso musician, Harris began his music career as a guitarist/backing vocalist with The Young Experience Band. He later joined The Stepping Stone Band and The New Breed Band, backing artists like Burning Spear and Sugar Minott, Max Romeo, U Roy, Ken Boothe, and many others.

Throughout his career, Harris has released solo albums & Singles  Vinyl, produced music, and toured internationally with various reggae artists. He has become a household name among Japanese reggae lovers and has received recognition for his contributions to the genre.

Overall, Jerry Harris’ new album is set to be a success, showcasing his talent and passion for reggae music.