Review: Koffee releases Debut Studio Album ‘Gifted”

For many, the wait is over. Jamaica’s fastest-rising star released her 10 track debut studio album ‘GIFTED” on the Promised Land Recordings Ltd. Label. After her Grammy -Nominated Rapture EP‘ Koffee has been working hard and a lot has changed since we first met this amazing talent. Next to the 10 track version of the album, there is also a 2 Disc Deluxe version, where here first hits like Burning, Raggamuffin, Toast, and Throne are added next to songs like Blazin’, W, Pressure, and Rapture. Giving the listener the full Koffee taste.

The new album opens with a surprising track called x10, whereon Koffee gives thanks for her daily blessings and family, sung over Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. Next up on the album is 57 seconds, ‘Song’ called Defend, followed by her latest release Shine, a nice laidback reggae track that takes you smoothly into the title track of the album Gifted, where Koffee gives thanks again, this time for her success and the support of her Mama:
Ayy, I’m winning
Mama, you give me the prediction, yeah, yeah, yeah
I have life, I’m blessed, yeah, yeah
I’m guided and gifted

Halfway through the album, Koffee takes us back to the lover’s rock days with Lonely. A track where her singing voice comes out beautifully and that brings us to the next track Run Away, another love-inspired track, on which she sings about Running Away with her love.

On track 6, Where I’m From a more trap/hip-hop-inspired track she gives thanks to her Jamaican Roots and being born in Spain Town. The last three tracks on the Album do not need any introduction since they are well played on the airwaves. Of course, we talk about West Indies, Pull Up, and Lockdown.

With Gifted, Koffee again delivered a quality production, displaying her different skills and giving us multiple musical genres which makes the album very easy to listen to with the various tempo switches.
I must say tho, that after listening to the album I do feel like buying a new car, or some designer clothes and a new watch, which seem to be hot topics for Koffee in her Lyrics. Anyway, I can’t wait to enjoy some more Koffee.

By Danny Creatah

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