Dub Rockers Vol. 1 – Various Artists (VP)

VP Records and Vans are proud to announce the release of Dub Rockers Volume 1, a groundbreaking compilation that combines Jamaica’s top artists with popular U.S. and Euro-based reggae acts. The 10-track collection, set to be released August 27 on VP Records’ newly founded imprint Dub Rockers, will feature collaborations between Slightly Stoopid and Capleton, Bad Brains and Angelo Moore of Fishbone, SOJA and Gentleman, Rebelution and I-Wayne and much more.

VP Records continues it’s domination of new reggae releases with ‘DUB ROCKERS VOL 1. (VARIOUS ARTISTS).’  The album is a collection of new and re-recorded reggae featuring a nice variation of artists from Washington, DC’s legendary BAD BRAINS (once banned from performing in the town) to Eek-A-Mouse (on a sick Expendables re-record of “GANJA SMUGGLING”) to AUGUSTUS PABLO (on a Clive Chin-produced modern translation of the classic “JAVA”) to CAPLETON, who teams up with punk/reggae outfit SLIGHTLY STOOPID on a surprisingly strong “NO COCAINE.”

I have to say that this album planted a severe left hook on the right side of my jaw when I listened to it.  I expected lame, digitized bullshit masquerading as modern reggae.  What I got was a bass-heavy intro to modern dub rockers done VP style.  One of the best albums this year from a label hell-bent on bringing great vibes to reggae fans the world over.


1. Slightly Stoopid, Inner Circle & Capleton “No Cocaine” – This collaboration is a remix between Slightly Stoopid and Capleton (feat Inner Circle) and was first recorded at the Circle Village Studios in Miami, where Slightly Stoopid recorded their “Not Slightly Stoned Enough For Breakfast” extended EP. Kyle, who sings lead on the track, had bonded with both Roger and Ian Lewis (of Inner Circle) when they had an opportunity to tour together in a joint collaboration between Silverback and DubShot Records.

2. Alborosie, Natty & Busy Signal “Change”– Alborosie, an Italian-born reggae artist, made the bold move to Kingston to develop his sound and has become assimilated into the local community. On this track he collaborates with popular modern dancehall artist Busy Signal, and Natty, a singer-songwriter based in North London.

3. Bad Brains & Fishbone “Ragga Dub”– This historic collaboration between Bad Brains and Angelo Moore of Fishbone represents an amazing meeting of the musical minds that probably should have happened two or three decades ago. These two American architects of reggae/ska’s merge with rock/punk remain relevant and continue to evolve in their own paths as musicians. HR and Angelo collaborate regularly on film and at events, however, this is the first official meeting of the two bands on record. The producer on this track is Miguel (aka Perro Bravo). He is an original producer and performer for Sublime, and continued their legacy through the establishment of Skunk Records and the band Long Beach Dub Allstars.

4. John Brown’s Body & Peetah Morgan “The Gold”- John Brown’s Body, a collective whose members hail from Boston, MA and Ithaca, NY, has been touring the American jamband festival circuit in the United States for over a decade. Their signature horns and versatile musicality shine on this collaboration with Peetah Morgan, lead singer of Brooklyn/Jamaica’s Morgan Heritage. Subatomic sound system provided the dub remix exclusively for Dub Rockers.

5. Anuhea & Tarrus Riley “Only Man In The World”– Hawaii meets Jamaica on this winning combination. Hawaiian superstar Anuhea teamed up with Jamaican-American kingpin, Tarrus Riley to create this easy breezy lovers track that will serve as the lead single and video for the project.

6. The Aggrolites & Etana “Complicated Girl”– LA’s own The Aggrolites are a hard-hitting ska rock outfit known for their tremendously tight live musical performances. This remix, featuring Jamaican roots songstress Etana, is a classic “counter-action” where the female will flip the vocals on their male counterpart. Many times the song is done on its own independent track on the same riddim. However, in this case Brooklyn producer Prince Polo weaves the collaboration into a dub matrix.

7. The Roast Beef Curtains & Prince Polo “Java”– This reincarnation of the original session featuring Augustus Pablo and Tommy McCook was produced by Clive Chin both in 1972 and 2012. This was his first production effort in years, and occurred in the wake of the tragic loss of his son, and Dub Rockers co-creator (along with Mannix from DubShot) Joel Chin. The session featured several musical artists paying tribute including The RBC, a dub rock outfit from Long Island New York. Additional musicians included Brooklyn’s Dub Select on horns and Junior Wedderburn (of Lion King fame) on percussion to create this unique take on the a classic riddim, often considered one of the earliest all-instrumental dub recordings.

8. The Expendables & Eek-A-Mouse “Ganja Smugglin” – California’s own The Expendables are featured on this remix of an Eek-A-Mouse track featuring a new take on the song from Eek-A-Mouse himself. Originally released in 1982, “Ganja Smugglin” was the culmination of a collaboration that had developed between Mouse and Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes. This cover version was a live staple for the band from Santa Cruz, California, and was released on their self-titled release from 2007.

9. Rebelution & I-Wayne “So High”– This feature track from Santa Barbara’s Rebelution was originally recorded as a live band studio track, and then remixed by Yeti Beats (other credits include: Ninjasonik, Kool Keith, Sizzla) and featured on the Remix EP. I Wayne recorded his verses in Jamaica, and Brooklyn’s Prince Polo created the dub version heard on this album.

10. SOJA & Gentleman “I Tried”– SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army) are a Washington DC based band that have been together since 1997. They began performing along the eastern shores of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware during the summer months and eventually spread west, making them one of today’s most popular reggae acts in the United States. On this track they collaborate with German artist Gentleman, a mainstay on the international reggae scene for many years.



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