Jahdan Blakkamore, Zion I Kings bring fire and substance on “Mash Down Georgetown”

Jahdan Blakkamore and Zion I Kings just dropped what may be the hottest reggae single of the year with “Mash Down Georgetown.” Blakkamore once again displays an unparalleled vocal agility on his latest track while bringing a substantive message about the societal ills in his native home of Guyana.

A former Dutch-British slave colony (nothing seathes with colonialism like the name “George-Town”), Guyana’s capital city is well-known for its crime and poverty, with armed robberies a daily occurrence in areas like Tiger Bay, Albouystown, Sophia, Buxton, Agricola, and Stabroek Market. Georgetown is also a favorite bottleneck stop for international cocaine traffickers and human smugglers.

Jahdan captures the town’s vibe with an original no-nonsense, spitfire vocal through which he relates a grim and bleak atmosphere (“What a blood inna de road when you step out, candle haffe light inna blackout, and every day another piece drop out, they taking it all away…”). “Dem a bruk down Georgetown, dem a mash down Georgetown” is how Jahdan lays it all out for us plain and simple.

With Jahdan on the vocal it had to be Zion I Kings on the production.  This time it is Andrew “Moon” Bain (Lustre Kings) producing with the Zion I Kings band on the instrumental.  Moon deserves mad credit for this blistering track, one of his very best to date.  His guitar work on the track – which brings a rock element to his digital ancient sound – is brilliant, an element which has become signature among Zion I Kings arrangements.  David “Jah D” Goldfine also brings a massive bassline that is just relentless.  Jah D has become known for his seemingly endless cadre of heavy, infectious basslines which anchor all of Zion I Kings’ productions.  Jah D is less a player and more a vessel through which music reaches the reggae massive.

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