Martijn Huisman takes us on a Bob Marley Tour around the World with The Reggae Nation Book.

Today, September 23rd, 2021 The ‘Reggae Nation’ book by Martijn Huisman, is officially released. The releases is planned today to celebrate that exactly 41 years ago, Bob Marley had performed his last show at the Stanley, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

10 years after Martijn’s plan to write a book about the Global Legacy and presence of Bob Marley and the Wailers hundreds of people around the world have already purchased the book, mainly by the Kickstarter that was put up to fund the production of the book. The anticipation for the book was so high that the book was funded in only 8 days!!

Of course, World A Reggae had to back this project by fellow Dutchy, Huisman. From the pictures and designs we saw on the Kickstarter we already knew this was a must-have for any Reggae Lover. Also because of the fact that graphic artist Maria Papaefstathiou, co-founder of the International Reggae Poster Contest, beautifully, colorfully, and richly designed and illustrated the book.

When having the book in front of you, you can feel that it is been made with the highest quality and love for Bob Marley in mind. The size of the book is mind-blowing, and the cover design jumps right in your face. Martijn did spend his past 10 years well, the stories are easily readable, well categorized and the book does give u a good insight, per country, of the global reach of Robert Nesta Marley. Also, the fact that Bob Marley ‘Encyclopaedia’ Roger Steffens (and writer of So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley) wrote the foreword, does give the book that little bit of extra power.

A travelogue of inspiring revelations, with eloquent descriptions of Marley’s globe-spanning inspiration. Huisman is an articulate guide as he spins the globe, bringing remote outposts and cultures into view where Marley’s works have taken hold.

Roger Steffens

Every single page of the book has its own stunning look, if it isn’t for the amazing Bob Marley Pictures then it is because of the well designed graphics and text layout… all by only using the Red, Green and Gold Reggae theme. We have to compliment Maria for that, The simplicity of the design makes the book really stand out.

All we can say is that, again, this book is a must-have for every reggae- and/or Bob Marley fan. It really takes you on a journey from New York, to Jamaica, and from Jamaica across the 4 corners of the world via Europe to Great Britain, Russia, Puerto Rico, Ivory Coast (where we ‘visit’ Tiken Jah Fakoly and Alpha Blondy), Cuba, Brasil, Asia and of course Ethiopia. Giving you all the background information about the Global Legacy and impact of Bob Marley and his Wailers. This comprehensive volume takes readers to the roots and along the routes of reggae and Rastafari.

The Reggae Nation Book is now available in a colourful, and limited edition hardcover book on

By Danny Creatah

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