Review: Chezidek – Irie Day

By Liam Monaghan

Another album for 2017, the pressure is on to keep a good year for Reggae albums on track and the responsibility falls onto Chezide. Chezidek is Known for “Cant Hear Must Feel” for Phillip “Fatis” Burrells Xterminator Label and picked up supported from the likes of BBC’s John Peel. Since the beginning of 2017 we’ve heard two tracks from Chezidek that tackles very different issues. We hear a political piece from Chezidek who gives politics an addressing whilst also tackling police brutality against African Americans. Irie Day is the name of the album and it released November 3rd on his own record label Chezi Berry Records. Journey that was released at the start of the year had accumulated 50,000 within 2 weeks. Its been quoted that Chezidek wants to use this album as a springboard into a promotional tour.

Living in the Sunshine
A nice start to the album, we have an upbeat and consists of a nice bass line and some strong drumming building a meaty riddim. Chezidek has a husky voice that is incredibly strong! Harmonies in the track sound sweet and give a positive feel to the track. A summery track which is nice as we head into the winter months.

Come In
Deep and heavy in this track, some nice hand drumming brings us into this track. A wandering bass line creates a sultry atmosphere in this track and creates a feel of mistiness. Chezidek’s stretched vocals accompanied by those female harmonies really tie up a smart song. Overall the track is a nice listen with a strong message.

Jah Jah Bless
We have a slightly more upbeat track compared to ‘Come In,’ a bubbly record, which is filled with Jah appreciation. The hook in this track is very memorable and will have you humming along easily for the rest of the day. Capleton the original fireman brings his fire onto this record with a raw and grit and is one of the strongest tracks so far.

No Blame
A nice track here that shows us another side of Chezideks range as an artist. The riddim has a gorgeous trumpet which parps away and works well with the minimal guitar work and solid drumming. Chezidek uses this peaceful bed to really push the boundries of his vocals. Subtle harmonies on the chorus really push Chezidek to push his lyrics out with his powerful voice. Let there be no trouble let there be no blame.

On the roller coaster of this album we’re now heading upbeat vibes again. Chants of mercy ring out throughout the track and we have a serious track here. “Treat your sister respectfully” alongside chants of forgiveness create a reflection like song which if you listen to the track deeply; you gain a sense of self-investigation. Nice track.

Irie Day
Title track of the abum, I really like this track. At the start of this record it could one of two ways, it feels like a 50’s/60’s traditional rock and roll simple harmony group such as the hollies or the animals but also there’s a exotic drum feel which creates a really nice vibe. Chezideks husky vocal on this track really brings it to light and you cant help but feel this is the strongest track on the albums so far.

The album has been a journey but now we have journey. Chezidek tells us about his journey to find love that he deserves and he’s been to the end of the earth to find it, must have been exhausting. It’s a chilled out record and the persona’s grit and determination to find love is well reflected in Chezideks passion whilst singing this track. A simple riddim constructed to give a bed to the story, nothing spectacular but enough.

A positive vibes tune now. When you thin about rainbows you think of colour and sun and positivity and that is reflected in this track. “ Look for the rainbow when the rain clouds have gone, rejoice and your day has come” is just one of many nice, warm and hearty lyrics in this track. It’s a nice track to listen to with positivity.

As we head towards the end of the album, I’ve learned that Chezidek can put together a good album from scratch on his own and credit to him. Lesson has some clever and witty lyrics, which you do have to listen out for however the chorus in this track is very catchy and definitely what I normally call the ‘live track’, which ultimately is a crowd pleaser and invites participation.

Love Says It All
A Nice track to end the album, love says it all pretty much sums up the album also. The riddim is a relaxed riddim and Chezidek reels off the benefits of love. It doesn’t really matter what possessions you own but if you don’t have love then what do you have. An interesting concept and a song, which makes you, think! A nice way to end the album.

A great album and I was not disappointed. Chezidek has a great voice that needs to be heard. The album was well produced and the lyricism in the album was witty and deep. I would definitely say that the tracks on this album suit his voice and it would be interesting to hear some more collaboration as the Capleton link up was fire! I look forward to catching Chezidek live soon.