Review: Derrick Parker – Returns Pon Top

By Liam Monaghan

New from the Flash hit Records camp, Derrick Parker with a new EP titled ‘Returns Pon Top’. After Cool It Down premiered on the Time Machine EP, Flash hit gave Parker a platform for his own production. The EP has been labeled as a ‘Mini Album’ but it’s effectively an EP with 8 tracks with 7 new tracks and 2 dub versions. The Dubs are nice and have been done well.

Dead Sound
Anybody who knows about Flash Hit knows the distinguishable productions they create. Manudigital and Alex Dupuis are behind the tracks on this collection of music. The electronic built riddim with rolling squishing sounds combined with Dub drumming splashes create a fun and funky riddim. Parkers voice is unique, its light but powerful with boisterousness. A nice easy track mainly a war dub for a sound clash.

Gone Pon Top
Really like the alternative riddims on this EP, Flash Hit has the different take on reggae riddims combining electronic beats and simple structures with keys, drums and a bass line, no thrashing 70s rock guitar power chords or horrendous Dubstep like some of the current productions in the Reggae world are presenting us with. Another simple track from parker, nice lyrics and another easy listen.

Don’t You Ever Try
Probably my favourite track on the ‘Mini Album’, huge basslines introduce the track with hard-hitting drums keeping things moving and upbeat. Parker’s delivery on this track is refreshing, The track isn’t too much clash orientated but there are a couple of references. I imagine Parker is going to get a few calls for dub sessions over the next month or so.

Cool It Down
Im discovering that this EP is very clash heavy, the riddims are unique and it’s cool however, with the uniqueness of Parker’s voice, id love to have heard him sing something not clash heavy it’s a bit of a waste. I’m a huge fan of Parker’s voice but just a mix up as I listen through could make a difference. The hook in this track is great, definitely the live track you’ll want to see live

Turn It Up
To finish off the EP before the Dubs, Turn It Up, Parker answers my prayers for a non-clash track! The riddim is upbeat and very experimental with a focus on Bass and drum structures that allows you to concentrate on Parker’s Lyrics. Some good lyrics in this track, cleverly done “ Turn up the heat, like a volcano blazing under their feet” fun track! Overall a nice EP, a little too clash heavy for me but music is subjective, big fan of Parker’s voice and clever production, looking forward to seeing Manudigital at Boomtown Festival this year.

1. Intro Champion – 00:31
2. Dead Sound – 03:38
3. Gone Pon Top – 03:37
4. Don’t You Ever Try – 03:13
5. Cool It Down – 03:55
6. Turn It Up – 02:33
7. Dead Sound Version – 03:37
8. Don’t You Ever Try Version – 03:13