REVIEW: Jah Cure – The Cure

By Liam Monaghan

The long-anticipated new album ‘The Cure’ from Jah Cure (released on VP Records) is here and the thirteen song concoction of contemporary reggae music features recent hits like his cover of “All of Me,” and “Life We Live” as well as brand new singles including “No Friend of Mine,” “Made In California,” and “I Surrender.” The album has been heavily promoted and has built up the expectation of his dedicated fans. We listen Below…

No Friend Of Mine
A strong start to the album, dramatic drums and an airy piano set the tone for the record. You can imagine this was a live performance this would be the introduction accompanied by various lights and Cure walks onto the stage to do his thing. Not the typical Reggae ‘Riddim’ you may expect. Light harmonies echo the chorus and Cures raw vocals create an airy feeling of a serious record to open up the record.

Horn lines bring in the track that is the fuse of Jamaican reggae and dub you would expect to hear! Weighty bass moves around in the background and submerges through the undergrowth with Cure chanting Budda Bye.  Positivity rings through in this record “Corruption, Greatest Enemy”. Cure returns back to the authentic roots and foundation in this record.

Life We Live
This record has had international radio play and has received many plaudits and support by global Deejays and fans.  Life We Live is a positive anthem! “got to live the life we live” this track is all about making the most out of everything and being positive in every situation all year round!

I Surrender
Return of the horn line to introduce us into the record, The ‘Drop’ comes in later in the track but an abrupt bassline releasing that dubing tempo induces you into a head nod as cures voice is on the balance of being raw and gritty but also melodic and harmonious. A very simple record and good production as a nice fill and maybe a transition into another sound.

Jah Cure The CureSet Me Free
A comfortable record from Cure here, back to the roots of upbeat reggae creating that summery vibe and feel. “Hoping this will last forever, the world makes sense when we’re together” positive lyrics are uplifting and the fine balance of a love song and new age Reggae music.

Made In California
Having heard this record on David Rodigan’s BBC Radio1 Show, I couldn’t make my mind up about this song (not negatively just in terms of being catchy) and also I couldn’t pigeon hole the sound but it grew on me. Cures voice is so distinctive you cant help but feel the soul and passion from Cure’s voice in this record. The record is rather slowed down and is a chilling song with a catchy hook!

Show Love
“Let me love you, squeeze you, feel you, show love that anyway ever love, in your life” Cure is pushing for the king of romance for 2015. A nice fluttery record that complements a hypothetical love interest. I love the rock steady guitar strumming throughout and good structure to this song keeps everything positive and bouncy!

All Of Me
Interestingly enough John Legends all of me is very dark, deep and romantic… ticks the boxes for a reggae cover! However, I wasn’t sure that any artist could take this song and do their own version, Cure is the right man for the job, his rustic vocals deliver the passion in this record to put that Caribbean twist on it.

Still Remains
“I know should be getting over, should be giving you the cold shoulder, look what you’re putting me through, after I gave you all of me” The record paints the story of a broken down relationship and Cure has given what he can! We see the return of big drums and that piano which create the seriousness of the record.

That Girl
The Horns are back! One of my favourite songs on this album! Straight positivity without the cliché lovey dovey lyrics here. The chorus is very catchy! There isn’t much going on musically and the lyrics make the record. A Crowd favourite at a concert and very much a sing along song!.

A Solid album from Cure, his voice sounds as good as ever, the production quality is high and the lyrics are relevant and meaningful! It would be interesting to hear Jah push himself with some other styles and sounds and fuse his own influences to ‘Mix it up’ but still a great album.


1. No Friend of Mine
2. Corruption
3. Life We Live
4. I Surrender
5. Set Me Free
6. Made in California
7. Show Love
8. All of Me
9. Still Remains
10. Other Half of Me
11. That Girl
12. Rasta
13. Stay With Me

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