Review: Koro Fyah – Rough Diamond EP

By Liam Monaghan

You’ll associate the likes of Kabaka Pyramid with Bebble Rock Music and the quality standard music that has come out this year has come out of the Bebble Rock camp. One of the gems out of Bebble Rock is Koro Fyah who has delivered a Rough Diamond of an EP (his Debut EP). The EP consists of eight tracks that have been constructed and composed in the Bebble Rock Studios at Half Way Tree in Kingston. Bebble Rock Music consists of Duane McDonald, Abishai Hoilett and Keron Salmon. You may have heard of Koro Fyah before and this is because he’s spent the summer touring alongside Kabaka Pyramid and the Bebble Rock Group plus there are some fyah features on Kabaka’s records.

World Needs Love
As with many records this year and not just in Reggae music, there has been a big plee for people to come together and appreciate what others are going through around the world. With ongoing war and a rise in terrorism, which has gone further than just watching events unfold on TV to now arriving at your own doorstep, unity is needed. This track is acoustic and stripped back as Fyah plee’s for love and unity.

New Day
This track is not brand new, in fact its around 2 years old and I remember receiving it in an email when I first started radio. It proves that Koro’s delivery and lyrical prowess was strong back then and in 2 years, he’s developed more and more into his own artist. Nice harmonies in this track and an easy listen.

Fast Life
We live in the ‘now’ generation where information and desires can be found and achieved in seconds so in Fast Life, Koro urges us to slow down, grab perspective and go easy. The riddim is nice! Horns and upbeat with some gentle harmonies in the background.

Got It For You ft Lila Ike
Bebble Rock productions vary from Hip Hop influences to Rap to Roots Reggae and they bring us a Lover’s Rock vibe in track. We also are treated to a collaboration wit the angelic voice of Lila Ike as she joins to tell her love what she’s got planned for them for the future. A nice track, collaborations may not always work but Lila’s voice is nice! A voice to listen out for in the future.

Eyes Red
The riddim takes a fair bit of time to drop but there’s an air of seriousness in this track. Operatic humming accompanies the track throughout and generates the seriousness in the riddim. It’s an easy listen, and a track which focuses on the lyrics and messages of Koro.

Red Green & Gold ft Kabaka Pyramid
Red Green And Gold has been described as a ‘repatriation hymn calling all “real Ethiopians”. Nice harmonies in this track but the messages are key in this track, which mentions of Marcus Garvey, Jamaica and Ethiopians. The riddim consists of upbeat drumming and wandering bass lines. A nice track overall and an easy listen.

Some production from Kingston’s Natural High Music here, which adds something different to this collection of music from Koro. There’s a Nyabinghi style drum introducing us into the track and the riddim I difficult to place, I wouldn’t say its stand out Reggae but more of a combination of Gospel/soft Pop. The message is keep your head up when faced with challenges throughout life.

Got To Go
I don’t know if Got To Go was chosen specifically to finish the EP off but perfectly positioned. The track is very calm and a im not sure if this is Koro’s way of saying bye to the listeners but its still a relaxing chilled record. Nice piano work and some simple drumming is the base of the riddim and it gives Koro a platform to chant away.

A good solid collection of music from Koro Fyah. The music that has come out of the Bebble Rock Group over the last few years has been solid and unique. They must be destined for a huge year in 2017 with the likes of Kabaka and Koro on their roster.

Koro Fyah – Eyes Red EP
Bebble Rock Music
Executive Producers:- Shane Dixon, Keron Salmon, Duane McDonald, Abishai Hoilett
Artwork:- Dezignr Studios
Photography:- Nickii Kane