Review: Mackeehan – Heart Music EP

By Liam Monaghan

New music from a name you may not have heard of….yet, Mackeehan. Found love with music drumming in the church and went on to be a finalist in one of Jamaicas Popular song competitions in 2006. Top Track on this musical Journey ‘All Praise’ (My Favourite) was played on Roots FM. Mackeehans a prolific writer also, having wrote for Duane Stephenson, Jah Cure, Luciano, Etana to mention a few. He’s been on tour with Duane and has a Bright Future!

All Praise
Big Horns! Roots and foundation riddim here. Big fan of this record. Mackeehan mixes up his delivery with quick rap like spitting to harmonious harmonies. Riddim is built on a Roots Reggae vibe but has that new sounding production thats making Reggae sound crisp at the moment. A huge way to start!

Jah Army
Toned down a little on this one compared to All Praise. Could easily see Beres Hammond on this track. Nice Rastafarian angle on this track discussing when “jah calls his Army, I will be there up front, marching on to victory” A really nice easy listening Track.

Miss You Bad
One for the ladies i feel with this one. Shame valentines days gone! The riddim changes up in this track. Electric drum feel with more of an R&B infusion. Mackeehan’s voice can hit some high notes, theres no denying that, I like the fact he can turn up on the upbeat big tunes and come down to a level of sensitivity on the slower jams. Nice way to mix up the Album.

Move (Dem Times Yah)
Mix Up again from Miss You bad, A Tone up for sure, We see the quick delivery from All Prise come back and it draws your attention and concentration. Really like the track, Mackeehan just has one of those voices which can really stretch on the high notes and hit the bottom level. Riddim is vibrant and fresh. A big track for his live performances.

Shine Eye Girl
Another nice catchy tune here, another one for the ladies here i think! Mackeehan talks about wanting to settle down and why can’t the Shine Eye Girl settle down and take it easy. Lots of wit and thought gone into the lyrics in this track which lay of over a simple riddim leaving all the focus on the lyrics. Shine Eye Girl has a fair few questions to answer!

You’re The One
Mackeehan discusses his hurt since ‘you’ walked out the door (not you specifically) but you’re the one for him! (again not you specifically) He loves you! (again…Not You). Jokes aside, a nice track which many around the globe will find relatable. soft riddim with simple drumming, and keys taking the rains on this track.

My Way Ft Chevaughn
To close off this musical journey Mackeehan has provided us with we have ‘My Way’. Quite difficult to pigeon hole what genre this track falls under.. is it Reggae.. is it Dub.. either way.. its nice! stripped backed and Chevaughns voice works nicely with Mackeehans as its softer and contrasts the grit of Macks. A nice way to finish. A great musical spectacle from Mackeehan, it would be great to see a couple more collabs as theres voices that instantly just suit his musical style. Definitely worth keeping your eyes on for the future.