REVIEW: Raging Fyah – Everlasting

By Liam Monaghan

Fans have been waiting for some time for the new Raging Fyah album and it has finally graced the record players and itunes across the globe. Having completed their first national U.S. tour with Stick Figure and Fortunate Youth, the album is here in full force on behalf of VP Records’ Dub Rockers imprint, entitled Everlasting. I first caught onto Raging Fyah a few years ago and I interviewed them for Reggae Roots & Bass around 3 years ago. From the following the guys had to today, their journey has been exhilarating. At the time they were promoting and pushing their previous self-released albums “Judgement Day” (2011) and “Destiny” (2014). Raging Fyah consists of Kumar Bent (lead singer), Courtland White (guitarist) Anthony Watson (drummer), Demar Gayle (keyboardist) and Delroy “Pele” Hamilton (bassist) and Fyah surely bring the fire on this album.

Everlasting was recorded at Kingston’s legendary Tuff Gong Studios and produced by Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown whose previous credits include none other than Stephen and Damian Marley, Richie Spice, T.O.K. and 2016 Grammy Award winners Morgan Heritage). There is some collaborations and features on the album including Jesse Royal, Busy Signal and the popular J Boog.
One thing that I love about Raging Fyah is the huge horn lines they include in their tracks. Everlasting is a great way to start the album, its subtle and gives a real feel for the album ahead. This track has an airy atmosphere feel, which is the result of a dub like tempo with a weighty wandering bass line and a roots and foundation Reggae style guitar blasts. A great way to start the album.

More up-tempo from ‘Everlasting’ and this tracks main focus is the lyrics and the lyrics are all about justice and equal rights which is incredibly relevant with a lot of issues going on in the world. “What do you think about justice, what do you know about love?” is the question throughout. Many records recently ask the listener questions similar but Fyah make points and outlay almost a story.

Live Your Life
I was excited to see the result of J Boog & Busy Signal on this track and see how their voices and styles would add toe Raging Fyahs style. This is a nice easy listening track and the message is quite straight forward… live your life to the best you can. Busy really hits the nail on the head with this track. Ive heard Busy on mainly Dancehall riddims but it was nice to see him stripped back and slowed down on a Reggae vibe.

Dash Wata
My Favorite track on the album! I love the vocals from Kumar and the upbeat riddim. The riddim is incredibly uplifting and ticks the ‘modern Reggae’ box with a very well mastered track with a catchy hook and positive vibes. I think you’d have to really listen to this on a big sound system to appreciate the weight behind the track.

Ready For Love
Nice vibes on this track. Quite a romantic vibe from Fyah with this one and the main highlight is the strong and bold vocals from kumar. There’s no much going on with the riddim itself but its easy listening, a little similar to what we’ve heard already.

As a big fan of Jesse Royal I was keen to see how he would feature on this record as his style contrasts with Kumar however it comes through well as it works in the same way Busy Signal featured on the track, Royal’s delivery is quick, witted, rap like and keeps the track interesting.

Like this track, another stronger track from this album. I really like the acapella stripped back feel in this track. You get the feel from the simple drums and minimal guitar whaling that Winta James was knocking around the studio when this track was created. Yet again Kumar’s vocals are on point and it’s a nice track. Would be interesting to hear a dub of this track.

Try Again
Positive lyrics in this one, the message is to dust yourself and try again with whatever goal you are trying to achieve. One thing I always find with Fyah’s music is that positivity is key, its rare that you hear a song that is 3 minutes of woes. A nice roots rock reggae style on the riddim equaling an easy listen.

Get Up
Fyah takes us on another stripped back episode with Get up. At this point in the album id like something more upbeat or diverse, maybe something a little different in terms of a style or maybe a new instrument, not a bad record by all means but not a stand out track on the album.

Would You Love Me
Busy Signal joins Fyah on this record, another standard Fyah record. It’s a little different from previous tracks and upbeat and obviously Busy Signals voice and lyrical style keeps the track fresh and bubbling along. I was pretty shocked to see Busy announced on a couple of tracks but his voice really works on a slower style and makes this track.

Happiness is pretty much what is says on the tin, as mentioned earlier Raging Fyah are all about good vibes and positivity and Happiness encapsulates their mission statement with this album. A nice track built on a relaxing riddim. This album was built for generating happiness and

Lyrically focused track here, its weird how this track really paints an image in your mind and draws a storyboard in our mind, which results in us pondering our decisions and our journey through life. As we come to the close of the album I love Raging Fyah, have done since I first heard them many years ago and they have grown so much as a band and their sound. Wondering really hits home their sound.

Getting Dread
Final song on the album and a nice way to finish it off with a rootsy vibe. Amazing large vocals from Kumar and dub like drumming splashes away which create an air of power and it really captures your attention. A song that sums up Raging Fyah. Positive, Roots and Dubby.

A Great album, im a big fan of Raging Fyah. I hope to see them later on in the year as they are about to go on tour. The production on this album is tight and its an easy listen. It was a nice touch inviting the likes of Jesse Royal & Busy Signal onto the album to give a different bit of spice however some more experimental records would be nice so the album didn’t become very samey. Enjoyable and more life to Raging Fyah!