Review: Sizzla – Fought for Dis

By Liam Monaghan

Fought For Dis
A nice way to kick off the album with a thought provoking insightful tune from Sizzla. I think Sizzlas voice is so unique I cant work out, sometimes he hits long notes sometimes his voice just breaks and is choppy. The riddim is built on a relaxing Reggae beat with a nice simple drum structure and not too much movement on the bass keeping a nice mellow tempo for Sizzla and his backing harmonisers to chant away.

Freedom ft M1 Prez
I was excited to hear this track when I saw M1 from Dead Prez’s name on the record. I know in the past that Sizzla has dipped in and out of Hip Hop so given the opportunity, who better to get on a track! Id describe this track as Digi-Dub as it has that digital poppy sound running throughout but the drums and the bass are in a traditional dub pattern. The message behind this track is expressing how freedom is everything and isn’t questionable.

Happy For You ft Capleton & Vershon
Not just a collaboration with this track, we’ve two artists joining Sizzla in the booth. The riddim is chilled and Sizzlas high pitched voice chants away accompanied by some gentle backing. Capletons raw gritty voice breaks up the track and then Vershons soft voice contrasts again with the other two artists to make a nice collab. A nice listen overall with good artists.

Love You Jah Jah
My favourite track off the album, Riddim is weighty and the drums. I love the horns throughout the track as it brings that real Reggae vibe. Im really happy to hear consistent Reggae production as it suits Sizzla’s voice and delivery rather than aggressive Dancehall. Id had this track as the single from the album as its just bold, well produced and uplifting

Show More Love
The song starts like a Jazz/Blues riddim with guitar strumming and plucking and high hats rippling which brings us to Sizzla who kicks off the vocals and the riddim breaks into a Reggae beat. A Jah appreciation track is what this track is and Sizzla insists there is too much crime and violence and it doesn’t get us anywhere and we need to show more love!

Don’t Worry
Another three artist collaboration from back in 2012, here with Germany’s Gentleman and The Dragonslayer Mark Wonder. The riddim is very stripped back and basic allowing the artists to sing their hearts out. I think what works well in the collaborations that Sizzla has on the album is that he has three different voices and styles that keep the track fresh. The song is I guess uplifting, the collective are telling you not to worry and to look towards to the future and don’t quit and confidence is always key in anything.

The Children Are Our Future
Clue is in the name with this track. Children are the future, obviously, but Sizzla discusses making a move and sorting the drugs and guns out to pave the way for the youth and push education. There seems to be a recurring theme with Reggae albums a the moment which is like a tick list of topics to cover, for example war, children, government and the poor. The back end of the track goes very airy and dubby and it’s a very chilled out beat, nice!

Take My Breath Away Ft Nakeisha
I wasnt familiar with Nakeisha as an artist before hearing this track. Nakeisha has a soft voice that has a soulful R&B vibe to it. Her voice runs nicely with the track, which is choppy and upbeat with a funk like guitar strumming throughout. This is a nice listen, nothing special but nothing to disappoint. Its great to bring Nakeisha through, as an artist and hopefully she will get some exposure.

Much more
As we are getting closer to the end, a saxophone fills the air and then a swooping bassline just wanders in and form a bed for Sizzlas raw aggressive delivery style and lyrics to fill the air. Id probably say this track isn’t as strong as other big tunes on the album we’ve heard so far such as Love You Jah Jah. A chilled track nonetheless.

Jamaica ft Sugar Cane
As we finish the journey that Sizzla has brought us on, we finish on a nice easy listening record. Sugar Cane’s voice is rather… monotone and more of a talking piece than a singer. Sizzla’s voice is on point hitting those high notes and the sheer power in his voice creates a energetic feel to this track. Sugar Cane doesn’t really add anything to this record and rather flat. A nice uplifting riddim though which is a nice way to top off the album.

In summary, a really good listen! I didn’t know what to expect rom Sizzla but he’s touched upon some good topics and theres some uplifting riddims on this album, which is really enjoyable and positive. I think the weakest track Is Jamaica but only down to a poor collaboration choice whereas the collaboration with Nakeisha was brilliant and someone to look out for. Its well worth checking this album out, enjoyable vibes from Sizzla!

Expected Release: Jun 16, 2017
℗ 2016 Altafaan Records