Review: Tribal Seeds – Roots Party

More new music out of the United States, a welcomed EP from rock-reggae band Tribal Seeds after 3 years. Its titled Roots Party and its more of an album rather than an EP. From the music you can expect that coast reggae sound with some dub versions. The band, formed by the brothers Steven (lead vocals, guitar, and producer) and Tony Ray “Maad T-Ray” Jacobo (producer) in 2005 and the band has gone from strength to strength whilst picking up fans from across the globe. Tribal Seeds tour relentlessly and this EP developed whilst the guys were on tour and even some of the tracks were recorded on tour!

By Liam Monaghan

An airy track to kick off the album, the bassline is weighty and is the star factor in this tune. The vocal can only be described as a soft and it doesn’t appear to have much scale but for this style of tune and riddim it suits perfectly. A nice way to kick off the album with a dub like break down throughout the middle of the track, sets the tone.

Gunsmoke Ft Protoje
One of the hottest properties in reggae music right now is Protoje, his style and delivery is unlike anything that has come out of Jamaica in the last few years. The riddim is weighty and after a catchy chorus, aggressive drumming and big bass line we welcome Protoje onto the track who smashes it. The lyrics and delivery just make the track. Great listen.

Roots Party
The tune is pretty much what it says in the tittle of the track, relaxing, roots and gentle vibes. There isn’t too much involved in the track, chilled drumming, guitar plucking away and lots of promotion of getting high. The whole smoking weed concept is fine but hasn’t reggae developed away from that? This isn’t a swipe at Tribal Seeds, if the album turns out to be 90% getting high, its going to get boring very quick.

Following my point before, Empress picks us up and slightly wakes us up from the hotboxed room and gives us something a little different. That Cali reggae sound that you could expect from Hirie, Pepper, Soja and Rebelution you’ll hear in this track. It’s a sound unlike others from around the world which does make it unique to listen to.

In your Eyes
Apart from gunsmoke this track I particularly enjoyed, it has a different feel to it, the bass brings us in before a nice drop into the riddim which is at a nice tempo allowing the guitars to pluck away and the vocals to come in. The vocals are nice and the persona in this track is obviously someone our friend in the track is in love with, nice track.

The star of the track is whoever is on the piano, the riddim is stripped back with little going on and the keys give a refreshing feeling to the album. It Everything seems very continuous as an album listen, before people moan and say I need to be spiritual about it, the tracks so far are nice, just very much the same. Moonlight is the first track that’s actually properly gripped me.

Vampire Ft Whiteboy John
This track prove that more collabs were needed on this album. Whiteboy John brings a different tone and style on this record. I like the riddim and it starts with an abrupt Hollywood style operatic scurry. The vocals are nice, the bass is nice, it’s a big record and definitely one of the stand out tracks.

There’s other tracks on the album as well as a few dub versions too. I’m not massively sure how I would synopsise the album to be honest. I like the Tribal Seeds, there are stand out tracks on the album and the collaborations they did put on work well. Maybe riddims could of varied a little, I understand that these tunes at Cali Roots festival would go down a storm however at Rototom a full hour of pretty much ganja appreciation, maybe not. Shout out to Whiteboy john though, his flow and lyrics are banging. I definitely would have a listen to the album, it’s not bad at all! It’s all subjective but a good easy listen around the pool/beach this summer.

Released: December 1, 2017
℗ 2017 Tribal Seeds Music