Spice releases Album “10” as her birthday present this August 6, 2021

Talking about Professionalism in music, It has become more than clear that Grace Hamilton aka SPICE, knows how to secure her brand(s). For the past ten years Spice has been constantly building her brand and releasing hit tracks, tune after tune. Meanwhile, her fanbase grew steadily and, as Spice tells us in a recent reasoning, the time has come to treat her fans with the best of Spice on her Debut album “10”.

Calling her album “10” is because of the fact that Spice made her fans “wait” a full decade for her album. The album, which has Shaggy as executive Producer is released on the VP Records label and consists of 15, mainly new tracks, but of course one of her biggest hits “So Mi Like It” and her recent track “Frenz” and “Go Down Deh” with Shaggy and Sean Paul, have been added to the tracklist. On the track “Bad Girl”, co-produced by Tony Kelly, the heat is turned up and we can hear Shaggy longisde Spice discussing the diferrent actions they could perform in the bedroom.

Although expected the album not to be made for the faint-hearted, Spice seemed to have chosen not to be too explicit on this album, leaving off a few Raw versions (if you are fainthearted, better skip “Nitey”), but she didn’t shy away from subjects like on “Size Matters” and “Po-Po” ft. her son Nicho. With this album, Spice does also prove that leaving out the over-explicit lyrics doesn’t hurt dancehall music at all, which could be learning for nowadays music, It also can be fun and naughty without being too visual in your lyrics.

Track after track Spice keeps entertaining and perfectly translates her Live performances into her songs. We can already see energetic tracks like “S.P.I.C.E” (as a show opener) “Top” and “Send It Up” being performed live on stages around the world, making crowds go Madd!

With “10” Spice delivered a true Gem of an album, which shows that women in this business ARE a force to be reckoned with in nowadays Dancehall and reggae music! An album without slackness, some naughtyness, a lot of fun and pure Dancehall vibes! Go check out the album for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Happy Birthday, Grace!!

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