Sinbad delivers first round KO, Frenchie in corner

Sinbad’s new album ‘Reggae Will Mad Unu’, produced by Frenchie and Maximum Sound, is in my opinion the best album of 2013 so far.  It has actually been a very strong year with great albums by Black Roots (‘On The Ground in Dub‘), Kiddus-I (‘Topsy Turvy World’), Prince Fatty (‘Dubs’), and John Brown’s Body (‘Kings and Queens‘) just to name a few.  This album, however, is as nice as it gets right now.

Sinbad, returning to the mic for the first time in 30 years, has only improved his spitfire lyrical delivery.  It’s as if he’s spent the past 3 decades shadowboxin’, steady waiting on his return to the ring.  Well, with producer and mixologist extraordinaire Frenchie in his corner, why would you expect anything less than a first round knockout?  This album is actually a duet of sorts.  Frenchie holds down the foundation, the footwork, while Sinbad lands crisp jabs, crosses, hooks, and combinations which leave the listener face down on the mat wondering “WTF just happened?”

Big shout to Frenchie for the solid production.  The dub tracks included on the vinyl pressing are ‘heavy like lead.’  It is only after listening to his merciless ground assault that you fully appreciate how heavy this album really is.  I picture in my mind Frenchie leaving the studio each day – mic and mixing board smoking and shorting out – only to return the next day to wear it out one more time.  Recognize this record…

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