Soom T finally releases her album “Good”

In this new reggae-dub album, the result of ten years of writing, composition, and production, the Scottish MC blends the studio recordings of her musicians, The Stone Monks, with digital productions from various composers. From this multitude of musicians and producers, an original sound is born at the crossroads of reggae, dub, and jazz, even sometimes pop.

As usual, Soom T continues to denounce nowadays political and social issues with an inimitable style and incisive flow of her own. If she deplores the dark sides of our time, she also tries to find a ray of hope with tracks carrying positive messages, pours a flood of optimism amidst much heavier themes.

Get ready for a unique musical journey in search of all that is good in this world with “Good”, the long-awaited new album from Soom T aka the “The Raggamuffin Queen”!