Treesha ready to release ‘Love, Scars, N’ Attitude’ Album

From the vibrant streets of Nairobi to the pulsating stages of the world, Treesha, born Patricia Wambui Mwaura, stands as a testament to the power of cultural fusion in music. Her journey begins in Kenya where her name, meaning ‘Singer of Songs’ in her native Kikuyu language, predestined a life driven bymelody and rhythm, inspired by her father’s profound love for music and his mastery of the guitar.

Treesha’s formative years found her leading choirs across Nairobi, where her voice began to resonate beyond her local community, showing early signs of her ability to cross borders with the power of her voice.

The transition into her teenage years marked a pivotal chapter in Treesha’s life as she moved to Germany. This move wasn’t just a change in location; it represented a profound shift in her way of life, requiring her to adapt to a new language and culture. Despite these challenges, Treesha’s passion for music never faltered. Embracing her independent spirit and resilient attitude, she found innovative ways to support her music career. Working as a Medical Assistant, Treesha balanced the demands of her day job with her aspirations as an artist, epitomising the struggle and hustle inherent in the journey of an independent musician.

A breakthrough in Treesha’s career came when she joined Gentleman & The Evolution Band in 2012. This collaboration opened doors to international stages and a broader audience. Her debut album ‘Listen’ was released in 2015, showcasing her unique blend of Reggae and RnB. The album’s success was followed by the hit single ‘Rude Gyal Swing’, which topped the German MTV Urban Charts, marking Treesha as a rising star.

Treesha’s talent and hard work have led her to grace some of the biggest stages around the world. She has performed at prestigious events such as Rebel Salute in Jamaica, Rototom in Spain, and Summerjam Festival, captivating audiences with her dynamic performances and unique sound.

Treesha’s journey as an artist has always been characterized by collaboration and innovation. Her work with Grammy award-winning songwriter Medisun on tracks like “Fire Daughter” featuring Queen Ifrica and “Chat Box” featuring Tanya Stephens shows this. These collaborations not only enhanced the depth of her music but also underscored her independence, as seen in her bold move to establish her own label Twende Records following the release of her debut album ‘Listen’. This decision was a testament to her resilience in navigating the complexities of the music industry.

Her versatility as a vocalist has been shown in noted performances alongside backing legends such as Kymani Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Shaggy, and Christopher Martin. These experiences highlighted her remarkable ability to transcend musical genres and cultural boundaries, making her a truly global artist. “Love, Scars & Attitude,” Treesha’s sophomore album, is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a story of her personal growth and artistic evolution. Each track in the album is a reflection of her journey, weaving stories of love, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams. Her hands-on approach in the studio, combined with her distinct fashion sense, adds an extra layer of authenticity and passion to her work, making her stand out not just for her music but also for her unique style.

As Treesha continues to connect with audiences worldwide, her voice carries the weight of truth and passion, bridging geographical and cultural gaps. With “Love, Scars N’ Attitude,” she invites listeners into a world where the rhythms of East Africa meet the diverse influences of her global journey, creating a musical experience that resonates on a profound level. Treesha’s story is one of unrelenting dedication making her a voice to be reckoned with on the world stage.