Tribal Seeds gearing up to captivate audiences with Star Studded “Ancient Blood” Album

San Diego, CA based award-winning Reggae Band Tribal Seeds is gearing up for the release of their 6th Studio album which will carry the title Ancient Blood and is scheduled for release on February 9th, 2024.

The band was formed in 2005 by the brothers Steven and Tony-Ray Jacobo and in the past years the band gained a large following and released an impressive amount of songs and albums. The new 17-track Ancient Blood album the band explored new territories inspired by the roots of reggae. The album holds a song for every listener, from up tempo sing-along tracks to more subdued ballads.

Also the album seems to hold more collaborations than its predecessors, which also adds up to the listening pleasure. On the first note the listener instantly gets drawn into the album with an amazing roots track called ‘Bondage” alongside the Legendary Norman Grant of Twinkle Brothers. From there on we found it hard to stop listening to the album, because how can you stop when Romain Virgo lends his voice on the next uptempo track called ‘One Time”?

We won’t go through al tracks in this article and spoil the listening fun for you, but we like to highlight the lovely ‘Dusk Till Dawn” track with Hector “Roots” Lewis . Great to hear the “Rootspercussionst” sing on this one.

This new album listens like a book, somehow it feels like we go from story to story. Maybe that’s because of the constant changes in tempo, voices and genres. E.g. on ‘Tokyo‘ we find ourselves in a more ska vibe, on ‘Time To Time” with Hollie Cook we get a more Rocksteady vibe and on ‘Down Bad Vibes‘ with Suckarie we dive into the deep roots and heavy basslines. And at this time we are only halfway the album.

At track 10 we somehow got the urge to reach out for our JRoll, to dive deeper into the roots with the unconquerebel Hempress Sativa and find ourselves deeper in our couch. On the second half of the album it was an easy road from here, via the melodic “Tempest” we rolled straight into a “Mellow Mood” featuring the Boston Based Elovators .

When reaching track 14, “Nice Up” we were treated with the lyrics of Bebble Rock frontman and collaboration king, Kabaka Pyramid who joined the band on this amazing album. Not mentioned yet, because, again we don’t wanna spoil all surprises, also Gonzo, Maad T-Ray, The Movement, Eddie ‘Chiquis’ Lozoya, Los Daddys, El Dusty, Pat Boy and Natalia Doco, from Buenos Aires, on the final track joined the band on this well produced album.

We strongly invite you to take a listen to the album as soon as it drops. As anticipation builds for the release, Tribal Seeds is gearing up for an extensive tour in support of “Ancient Blood”, with dates to be announced soon. Fans can expect an electrifying live experience that brings the album to life on stage.
For more information about Tribal Seeds and the release of “Ancient Blood,” please visit their official website at

When talking to Tribal Seeds, the band had a message for all the World A Reggae readers and followers:

Greetings to the World A Reggae family! We are honored to be featured on the platform. We’ve received soo much love from our fans in Europe over the years and we really hope to start making regular trips out there starting this year. We hope you enjoy our new album “Ancient Blood”. This album has been a long time coming and we’re beyond grateful for all the amazing features we were able to get on this one. Huge love to you all and hope to see you soon!! – Tribal Seeds

Meanwhile, until the release of the new album, have a listen to the official Tribal Seeds, Ultimate Collection Spotify Playlist: