Xana Romeo is back with the Roots of X

Xana Romeo is back with her sophomore 9 track album, The Roots Of X, which is set for release this August 6 2021 on the Charmax Music/XanaRomeo Music Label. In a recent Social Media Post Xana opened up about her feelings on the current state of Jamaican Music:

Roots Reggae is unrated/undervalued/unappreciated in Jamaica. The music our youths are forced to expose to is the root of all evil in our country. Record Labels/Radio Stations are only interested in investing and promoting music without substance which is the destruction of youths.

I was told, “the music industry has closed its door on Roots Reggae & I shouldn’t waste any more time working on Roots Music because Roots Reggae Music is dead.” Now I understand why the so-called Reggae Revival never stick around, in order to be signed or taken seriously in the Jamaican music industry you can’t be “too serious” or “too truthful” so everyone and everything is now watered down to nothing.

Give thanks I have my own platform & need not to bow to these people. My upcoming album “The Roots of X” is dedicated to my Son, As a mother first my Son must be able to listen & learn from my music.

After Reading her statement and knowing Xana’s roots we are very sure this new album is gonna be fire with a lot of Roots and Dub!