Blakkamoore ft. Snoop Dogg – Get Down Tonight

Last spring, Blakkamoorereleased his album « UPWARD SPIRAL » alongside of the legendary SNOOP DOGG in a huge featuring for the single « Get Down Tonight ».

Like a perfect californian party night anthem, « Get Down Tonight » is today re-boost with the exotic rythmes by OLO, a french producer and member off the popular dub group ONDUBGROUND. With an electro dancehall aesthetics, OLO make this song as a real call to join the dance floor and to enjoy yourself until the end of the night ! This new version is made for hip-hop fans as well as those who like to hang out in clubs until the early morning.

Following the release of « Get Down Tonight », the album« UPWARD SPIRAL DELUXE » is also available everywhere. In this deluxe version, Blakkamoore offer several remixes and a new single, and make sure the party goes on!