Brother Culture Sings About Ukraine

Vanek Foundation, a renowned Ukrainian music producer, musician, and co-founder of the music label ENKO, has released a collaborative track with one of the most prominent English reggae performers, Brother Culture. The mantra-inspired song titled Peace In celebrates peace in Ukraine and the greatest force of humanity – love.

Brother Culture has been a leading figure in the UK reggae scene for over a decade. He travels the world, spreading positive messages through his music and creating new tracks for various producers and bands, including The Prodigy. In this new song with Vanek Foundation, he recites a mantra, calling for peace in Ukraine and the prevalence of goodness and love in the world instead of war and propaganda.

“For us, this song is a call for unity. It expresses our dream for the swift end of the war and the triumph of victory and peace in Ukraine. Ukrainians and artists from different parts of the world join in singing this message, and this collaboration is a testament to that,” comments Ivan Klymenko.

Last year, Ivan Klymenko, also known as Vanek Foundation, made a comeback after a five-year hiatus, releasing the EP “Silver Lining” and later an experimental hip-hop EP in collaboration with The Lazy Jesus.

Ivan Klymenko is also a co-founder of the Ukrainian project ALYONA ALYONA, which gained recognition in The New York Times, Billboard, and The Guardian. He produced the album “Pushka” for ALYONA ALYONA and co-produced the song “Stefania” for the Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and entered the Billboard charts.