Bushman getting back on track with the release of ‘Whyne Dung’

It’s been two years since the global shutdown caused by Covid-19 was lifted, but individuals and businesses are still in the recovery phase. Bushman, whose career was jolted by the pandemic, is determined to get back on track in 2024.

The roots singer released a new song, Whyne Dung, on January 19. It is earmarked to be part of his new album, scheduled for release this year.

Known for songs like Call The Hearse, Man A Lion, Downtown and Fire Bun A Weak Heart, and ‘These are the Days” on the World A Reggae 2019 Riddim, Bushman is determined to relaunch his brand in regions that have long favoured his music.

“We want to take back Europe and also do a US tour. I set this goal because of the comments from the fans, I know they really want me back touring their area. There are many parts of the US that I haven’t been to for a while, so my goal is to get back on the road in the face of our fans, earn new fans and even get nominated for some awards like the Grammy,” he said.

Last year saw him doing spot dates throughout the Caribbean as well as a couple of shows in South Florida. Whyne Dung is produced by Bushman’s Burning Bushes Music LLC which recently sealed an arrangement with My MM Productions to help promote his music.

Based in South Florida, My MM Productions is owned by Jamaican Orville Marshall. The company has enjoyed success in that area with artistes such as J.C. Lodge and The Greaves Brothers.

Whyne Dung is the first collaboration for both parties. It has a feel-good vibe, an outlook Bushman maintained even during the dark days of Covid-19.

Whyne Dung definitely has a positive message that matches how I live my life. Positivity
is what I focus on so even when I experience failure, I treat it as a lesson. I observe what
went wrong and just learn from it,”
he reasoned “I also try to focus on the things I can change instead of the ones I can’t change.”

From St. Thomas parish in eastern Jamaica, Bushman came to national attention during the early 1990s with songs like Man A Lion, Grow Your Natty, Call The Hearse and Remember The Days. All can be found on Nyah Man Chant, his impressive 1997 debut album which was produced by Steely and Clevie.

Those songs earned him a strong base in Europe and the United States West Coast. With a new album in the works, Bushman is chomping at the bit to get back in the running.

“The pandemic was a real setback, so we must work to build the thing back to where it was and even make it greater. It’s hard work but what you put in is what you get out. Like the song says, ‘a how yuh spread yuh bed, a suh yuh lay down’,” he said.

By Howard Campbell for Worldareggae.com