Can’t Sleep at Night – Sanchez ft Althea Hewitt

Experience the magic of reggae infused with heartfelt emotion in Sanchez’s latest single, “Can’t Sleep at Night.” Featuring the soulful vocals of Althea Hewitt, this mesmerizing track, released on the Rising Roots Entertainment label, combines the smooth rhythms of reggae with the raw emotions of heartbreak and longing.

Sanchez, known for his ability to blend reggae with soulful melodies, has been a staple in the reggae scene since the late 1980s. Sanchez continues to connect with audiences with his powerful voice and poignant lyrics.

Althea Hewitt, with her versatile vocal style, brings a depth and richness to the song that enhances its emotional impact. Her contributions to the reggae genre, both as a solo artist and collaborator, showcase her talent and passion for music.