Chrisinti – Nothing Will Change

The dreaded Covid-19 stalled the activities of many artists during the past two years. Chrisinti (Born Paul Christopher Hudson) was among them, but the veteran singer was chomping at the bit to resume recording, which he did throughout 2022.

“Nothing Will Change”, a song produced by Issachar Musik out of Los Angeles, is Chrisinti’s latest single. Released in February, it is distributed through Tuff Gong International.

Known for hard-hitting roots-reggae anthems like “Will be Alright” and “Cry of The Needy”, Chrisinti was thinking about the ladies when he wrote, “Nothing Will Change”.

“I just wanted was to show the side of Chrisinti that my female fans appreciate more,” he said, adding that “pleasing my audience on every scale” is foremost in his mind when writing and recording songs.

While the pandemic put a damper on live shows and the recording of songs, Chrisinti said he was determined to keep active by constantly writing songs during the extended downtime.

“Nothing Will Change” is one of the results of his ‘sabbatical’. He stated that fans can expect much more in 2023.

“I’ve been growing and adhering to my responsibilities and working on my craft. Just music and more music and also the coming of an EP or a fourth album,” he vowed.

“Comfort my People”, “Again” and Say Yes to Life” are the albums Chrisinti has released to date. “Say Yes to Life”, his previous, was released in 2019.

By Howard Campbell