Christopher Martin – Little Green Apples

New York, NY– Right in time for Mothers Day this weekend, Christopher Martin has released his new single ‘Little Green Apples’. Produced by Jeremy Harding, the single is a remake of the 1968 chart-topping hit of the same name. 

Showing his wide range of versatility after his last two dancehall tracks, ‘Dem Vex’ and ‘Big Big’, ‘Little Green Apples’ brings the return of Chris’s lovers rock, crooning roots, reminding his fans that he is indeed a lover after all. 

His latest album And Then debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart back in May and presents a well-rounded mix of ballads and up-tempo jams, showcasing his musical versatility and growth with a celebration centered around themes of love, rising above hardship and finding the good in every situation. Christopher Martin is currently working on new music.