Dancehall Session – Royal Blu meets The Autos (Lyric Video)

Royal Blu has teamed up with music production collective The Autos to release the track “Dancehall Session,” an uptempo blend of retro and modern sounds. Blu connected with Ian Gastl, former Tatanka (Colorado-based Reggae band) singer/songwriter [and head of The Autos], and the two immediately hit it off. This track is their official debut and is indicative of Blu’s own sound: fusing the foundation of the classic Dancehall and Reggae sounds with something more contemporary and unique.

With ‘Dancehall Session’ I wanted to do something different with my voice and just have fun with it.” Blu said. “I wrote this song at a time that felt like ‘peak pandemic/quarantine’ in Jamaica. The riddim gave me this ‘big festival in Europe’ type of feel, so I envisioned being on a stage. It was perfect timing when Ian [from The Autos] got in contact with me, because that was the mood I was looking for and he came through.”

“Dancehall Session” is being released via Easy Star Records and is the true epitome of modern-day “easy skankin’.” The track is out now across all DSPs and is being released with visuals shot by cinematographer Samo, showing the juxtaposition of Blu’s modern take on the riddim.