Green Lion Crew ft Akae Beka – Be Still

Completely coincidentally, this coming Friday (11/8) Ineffable Music was supposed to release the title track from production group Green Lion Crew’s upcoming album Be Still, track 4 on the album features Akae Beka on vocals. The full 23 track album features dubs of every track on the album and tracks with US Virgin Islands artists Akae Beka, Danny I, and Pressure. The album is now available for pre-order.

We spent some time thinking about whether we should still release this track this Friday, and after talking with someone close to Vaughn Benjamin, we decided that the world needs to hear the music and that that is what he would have wanted.” – Ineffable Music

“Be Still” feat Akae Beka is the third single and title track of Green Lion Crew’s new album.  The release is a collaboration with 3 prominent vocalists from the US Virgin Islands.   Based in St Croix, Akae Beka aka Vaughn Benjamin was best known for being the lead singer of a band called Midnite. “Be Still” is a heavy meditative track with thunderous bass and a calming yet complex lyrical onslaught worthy of being written on a hemp scroll.  Akae Beka was capable of sounding timeless and ancient at the same moment.  “Be Still” calls for finding peace of mind and the power within to have a spiritual revolution against the oppressors. Lyric phrases such as “Ganja Seed equivalent, a stone in a sling” connects the story of David and Goliath to the present-day power of marijuana against the system. The track was produced and mixed by Green Lion Crew with Dana Knowles on Keyboards and Zeke Stern on Guitar. Reggae legend Glen Browne plays Bass, Nicholas Laraque (Stephen Marley) plays Saxophone and flute, and Roots Percussionist (Chronixx) plays Percussion.