If you get lost – Broken Clocks

‘If You Get Lost,’ embodies the essence of the new EP by the Italian 5-man Reggae Band Broken Clocks. It initially presents itself as a radio-friendly tune, but it reveals layers of meaning and interpretation upon a closer listen. Who is lost? Do you know who is reaching out a hand? The song gradually unfolds, supported by genre-specific elements: a powerful bass line, punctuated by muted notes; assertive yet measured drumming; a fluid organ that maintains its distinctive character; and vocals that oscillate between soothing reassurance and determined grit, reminiscent of raggamuffin style, though subtly so.

The track’s strength lies in its ability to blend multiple musical and lyrical messages into a cohesive whole. As will be further explored in subsequent tracks, the band intends to address what they consider essential to navigate the current season.