In A Man’s Heart – JonQuan feat. Sammy Dread (Lyric Video)

Easy Star Presents: JonQuan and Associates, Due out on April 2022.

“The late 70s produced multiple heavy hitting JA singers. Sammy Dread should be put towards the top of that list. Born Stewart Farquaharson in St. James parish, JA, he was called Sammy from long time and added “Dread” to his name at the inception of his career, being a Rastaman. I was formally introduced to Sammy through the Jammyland Allstars, specifically Brett Tubin (ChannelTubes), who worked with Sammy repeatedly for live shows and recording. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s (and STILL to this day), NYC (where Sammy resides) maintained a roots vibe through shops like Jammyland (rip), Deadly Dragon (rip), Moodies, and nightly dances hosted by Easy Star Records, Jammyland All Stars, and King Django… my upbringing into the NYC reggae scene.”

“Sammy, featured on labels such as King Tubby’s, Channel 1, Strong Like Sampson, Joe Gibbs, Channel Tubes, Roots Tradition, and Junjo Lawes (Volcano posse) boasts multiple big hits such as “M-16,” “Dreadlocks Man,” “Wrap up a Draw,” “Rainy Days,” “The System,” and more, all in heavy rotation. ROOTS. Sammy is a true boss and a terrific example of a kind human. Working with Sammy was my absolute pleasure, a pleasure I will certainly continue.” — JonQuan