In My Bag – Cassidy ft. Beenie Man

Legendary rapper Cassidy collabs with heroic veteran Jamaican superstar Beenie Man, on a lightning hot new track called “In My Bag.” Here Hip-Hop meets dancehall, head-on and the results are sensational. 

The iconic Beenie Man is of course a Jamaican dancehall deejay widely regaled for his lyricism – he is plainly a vivid songwriter of top charts. Beenie Man is the king of the dancehall and his domain, yet he is still looking to spread his wings even wider. 

While the legacy of Cassidy continues to grow, from his humble origins as a Philly battle rapper. Cassidy has bars within bars and is a street poet of deserved acclaim. His storytelling and catchy wordplay are the essence of why he has so many fans and is such an emerging cultural figure in the rap game.

Is this merely another musical collaboration, one may muse, or rap music versus dancehall? “In My Bag” is set to be released July 30th,2021 on all digital platforms.

You will get to be judge and jury on this one soon, as the song is done and mixed. “In My Bag” was produced by super producer Daddy BIGG$ in collaboration with Platinum Camp Productions producer Tae 7mile and Jay Crazie, best known for his popular work with Vybz Kartel. Plans are being made right now for a music video to be shot in Jamaica. 

“In My Bag” will be part of the forthcoming Daddy BIGG$ presents compilation album “The Phoenix Project”, on Platinum Camp Records. The album is set to drop for the 2021 holiday season. The project appears to be a phoenix rising from the flames, a resurgence, as Daddy BIGG$ has reemerged in Atlanta, working under the banner Platinum Camp Records South where he is CEO.

Daddy BIGG$ says, “This track is about making money, Checking the fresh and living the lavish lifestyle. Earning the bag AKA making the money, and then spending it on the Daddy BIGG$ lifestyle. Couldn’t work with two greater artists than Cassidy and Beenie Man.”