Ishawna – Social Media Hot

Social media has been credited with catapulting some unknown artistes into the spotlight. There are countless stories of songs that have gone viral making it all the way to the top of international charts because of the sudden interest generated by its popularity on the social networks.

Popular artistes have even gotten more upstream through a strong presence on all the platforms.

Downsound Recording dancehall female artiste Ishawna knows that well and she uses her latest single ‘Social Media Hot’ to take some digs at her detractors which includes some popular media personalities.

In some of the bites she reminds us that disc jocks and other persons who help in pushing the music, should they try and use spite to curtail her music they will be doomed to fail.

After all Gully Bop never had any mainstream media playing his songs just a clip on YouTube and we already know how that one ended up!

‘Social Media Hot’ chants Ishawna so there is no stopping this vibrant personality who is determined to make the best use of the most popular medium … and she doesn’t plan to fail!.