Kazam Davis – From the Get Go

Born Girma “Jahleel” Davis in Kingston, Jamaica, he is musically known as Kazam Davis. A humble Rastafarian father and husband. With an authentic sound, a powerful message and a humble spirit, the tall, always smiling Ancient Warrior is a musical force to be reckoned with whose main purpose and aspiration is to spread the message of Jah to the corners of the world. His music reveals an inner spirit that has the need to make a positive change. His mission is about spreading peace and love through conscious lyrics. His message resonates with people from all facets of life, as he believes his music isn’t molded to meet a certain crowd or audience. Kazam has performed at some of Europe’s biggest stages while in Europe.

In 2019 Kazam released his brand new Mixtape titled ‘Arise and Lets Go. He continues to release potent message music during 2021 as his main focus is to continue to promote and uphold the standard of doing music with a purpose and a mission. One of Kazam’s latest track is “FROM THE GET GO” produced by YAADMAN RECORDS.