Kemar Highcon – Come for Me

Kemar Woodfine, professionally known as Kemar Highcon was born on October 25, 1990 in Kingston Jamaica. He grew up in Bridge View Portmore where from an early age he fell in love with Jamaica’s popular form of music Reggae and Dance Hall.

Kemar’s 2018 hit single ‘SO SAUCY” was an instant hit and debuted at number #16 on iTunes Reggae charts the day it was released. It has since been in heavy rotations and is a household record for music lovers globally.
In November 2019 he released his EP entitled “Sauce is Forever” which boasts collaboration with artiste such as Shaggy.

Now Kemar is back with a brand new tune called “Come For Me” also taken from his recently released EP ‘Sauce is Forever“.