Khalia – Time

Another great Reggae track is released from Khalia, ZJ Sparks & Loud City’s “Time“. Time is a sweet song about the struggles of a woman who isn’t ready for the big steps in life yet. The song is produced by Loud City Music and Twelve 9 Records.

Known for her melodic storytelling, Khalia is an undisputed talent aiming for the mainstream. As the quintessential Jamaican Londoner, Khalia joins the next generation of talent that has assured us that Homegrown Reggae is in capable and extremely talented hands.

The Reggae fusion singer has earned herself the title of being one of the freshest voices of the year, as a result of her masterful ability to turn uncomfortable topics into blazing social hits that cannot be ignored.

Whether it’s her mega track Easy, her ode to hardworking women with No Better Day, her sultry declarations of love with Wild Fire, or the hard-hitting battle cry against sexual predators in Nothing Can Justify, Khalia effortlessly creates the soundtrack to our lives. With her latest release Time, Khalia continues to create socially relevant and relatable music.

Set for release on December 2nd Time on all major streaming platforms, Time is a joint collab project between Seattle-based outfit Loud City Music and ZJ Sparks-led Twelve 9 Records.

Lyrically “Time” implores women not to succumb to commitment pressures, an issue considered a silent social epidemic.

With this release, Khalia continues to demonstrate the spirit of her creative wellspring, which is always certain to delight the growing community of fans that follow her music.

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