L.A.B meets Paolo Baldini Dubfiles – Shadows Dub

The first single from the forthcoming album L.A.B In Dub crafted by Italian dub maestro Paolo Baldini

Eclectic New Zealand reggae-influenced band L.A.B. has teamed up with Italian producer engineer Paolo Baldini for their new single Shadows Dub.

It’s the first release from their forthcoming full-length project L.A.B In Dub – where Baldini reshapes choice cuts from the band’s back catalog in dubbed-out style.

The platinum-selling group has ventured into uncharted territory with their first-ever remix album. Baldini, whose analog dub techniques are inspired by the Jamaican master’s King Tubby and Scientist, was the perfect choice to reimagine their sound.

“The main ingredient for a good dub album, before a dub master, is proper songwriting. I am extremely thankful to L.A.B for giving me the opportunity to work on these super tunes that perfectly represent the soulful nature of reggae music from the southern hemisphere, and for letting me to add my personal touch and re-interpret them in a dub fashion!”
– Paolo Baldini

Shadows Dub is a haunting version of the song Shadows from L.A.B’s 2019 album L.A.B III. It was sonically sculpted, in one live take, by Baldini at his Alambic Conspiracy Studio in San Foca, Italy. 

Shadows Dub is out on September 9th on Echo Beach (Europe) and Loop (Rest of the World)

A second single, Fashion Dread Dub – based on the track from L.A.B’s 2018 studio album, L.A.B II – will be released on September 30th

Both singles signpost the release of the full ten-track album, L.A.B In Dub on October 21st.

Each single will be accompanied by its own live Mixdown video. 

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