Love and Wisdom with Prince Far-I

This record “Love and Wisdom with Prince Far-I” is the first vinyl record produced by Ting-A-Ling Records, in partnership with, which ensures its physical distribution.

The story of this track was born from the matching between the voice of Prince Far-I (extracted from an interview by John Peel in 1978 and used with kind permission of Prince Far I’s family) and the riddim composed by Krone for that occasion.

The result is an obsessive cut, rather similar to the sound of the label “Cry Tuff” owned by Prince Far- I , with the bass and hypnotic and repetitive melodies which accompany “the Voice of Thunder” on this tune, in the pure tradition of the Dub Poetry of the ’70s.

Ting-A-Ling is a French Label located in Nantes, specialized in Reggae, and was formed by two Jamaican music lovers: Mateo and Krone.

Mateo is the founder of the Sound System “Wake the Town” (since 2000). He also hosted several radio programs on reggae and Jamaican music for more than ten years.

Krone is a pianist, drummer, and riddim/dub maker. He has been broadcasting his compositions and remixes on the internet (youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook,Instagram) as well as his video of “Reggae classics” which he plays on his piano. His music is heavily influenced by his passion for Jamaican music, from its origins to the present day.

This max 45 includes four tracks :

  • The vocal version with Prince Far-i
  • The Melodica version by Krone
  • The Dub version by Mateo
  • The instrumental version.

The splendid cover is a painting by the artist Sil Cunningham from a photo of Prince Far-I.
The Artwork is by Seb Chevalier.

Vinyl is available at , Bandcamp, or in any specialty e-shop and local store.