Masinga Root – Besoin de Paix

MASINGA ROOT is a Reggae singer from the western area of the Côte d’Ivoire. Very early in its childhood, we could perceive easily its interest in the Music, especially for the reggae. It takes a real pleasure to listen to the songs of great icons of Jamaican music such as BOB MARLEY, Gregory Isaac, BURNING SPEAR…in In its childhood, MASINGA ROOT faced several situations which end up forging in him a spirit of a fighter. As of the low age, it contracts polio which made him a person living with a disability . At the age of going to school, he to him is refused several years during the access to the courses because of his handicap.

In 2019, MASINGA ROOT released his very first album «GOOD VIBES» to recall that humanity needs more than positivity and to return to certain cardinal values like love, peace, humility, justice which can contribute to its maintenance. Released under its own label «ROOT INSIDE MUSIC», album GOOD VIBES is a mix of styles but with a prevalence of Roots REGGAE and New Roots. This opus is sung in English, French, malinké, and mahouka and contains an original side with the presence of partitions of will kora and rhythmic the mandingues. Arranged by Doumbia Foamed of studio DMB in Abidjan, This album recorded the participation of large musicians. SAM KONE, ex drummer of ALPHA BLONDY.