Mi Gungu Walk – Annette Brissett & Marcia Griffiths

Annette Brissett, a former member of the all-girl reggae band Steppin’ Razor, is back with a new single titled Mi Gungu Walk. The record is a collaboration done with long-time friend and colleague Marcia Griffiths, the woman for whom she penned the hit song I Shall SingMi Gungu Walk was officially released on January 27th, and it comes to us courtesy of Tad’s Record Inc.

Brissett wrote and produced the single, which takes aim at people possessing political power, who are known to use false or inaccurate information – especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive –  for their own gains. A bold Brissett explains: “Inna dem time yah, where the truth is a lie and the lie is the truth mi nuh respect people who take me fi idiot!”

The bouncy reggae rhythm was created by Zemroy Lewis, a member of one of the best reggae bands in South Florida, Code Red. The combination of Annette‘s deep, raspy voice, and Marcia‘s smooth, silky vocals is surprisingly refreshing and is a joy to listen to. Mi Gungu Walk can be streamed and downloaded from Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and all other digital music stores. 

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