Naturally – Travis South

TRAVIS SOUTH is a fiery new voice on the reggae radar, devoted in his mission to blaze a trail that others can follow. Bom in Jamaica, in the small district of Blytheston, this country boy with the heart of a warrior carries on a revolutionary tradition that was first sparked in that influential section of the island. After spending his formative years traveling and learning, from Kingston to the United States, his arrival on the music scene is in perfect timing with the new wave of sonic vibrations currently erupting
from the Jamaican creative community.

Travis says his music fits into the category of ‘soul-touching’ and with that in mind he will forever be committed to making conscious and uplifting sounds. He wants to remain a free-flowing channel of
inspiration from Source and to always sing music that can make a difference in the world.

With a smooth delivery and confident demeanor, Travis gives the impression of a veteran performer, but interestingly, though he has always possessed the powerful gift of word sound, it was a relatively recent encounter that gave him the first opportunity to put his songs on the record. Reflecting on those moments, he shares: “I have always wondered what it would be like to hear my voice coming through speakers and mystically the chance to record presented itself through my connection with a talented young producer named Roe Summerz from Irish Hill Records. Through our developing friendship, one day he asked if I wanted to cover a song or do my own, and I chose to do my own. He played a riddim, it was a natural connection and the words just flowed!”

Already, his growing musical catalog is attracting positive attention and his base of supporters is growing with each stream, download, and public appearance. The first official single by Travis South was released in April 2020. The track titled ‘Naturally’ was the result of that special session with producer Roe Summerz up in the cool hills above Irish Town and it captures the essence of his musical mission: to flow smoothly and cool like a river from its source, and to change the landscape with spiritual power as he runs his course.

“My music is my mission, and my mission is my music. I aim to make a difference in Jah world, so l live ‘Naturally’ and give praises every day. I share that thought with everyone through my music so they can see the way as inspired by The Most High.”