Nesbeth – D.I.A.L

What happens when a song becomes a monster hit in the international music space, transcending all geographic boundaries, class and creed of people? Everyone’s ears start perking up in anticipation of the follow-up. Well interestingly for all those sitting thinking that Nesbeth’ ‘My Dream’ was a one shot success story, as if his journey to present hasn’t been inundated with hits such as ‘Board House’ ‘Guns Out’ ‘So Let It Be’ and ’Taste Victory’ are about to find out that the Devil is indeed a liar.

D.I.A.L (Devil Is A Liar) is the much anticipated follow up to ‘My Dream’ and it’s clear that once this track seeps into your consciousness, in short order, will have you singing similarly praises of “This is a runaway hit”.

In every success story, for every major dream realized, are stories of negative sentiments regarding that trek from naysayers but what is most important is for us as individuals to be steadfast in pursuit of our dreams amid adversity. This Entertainment Soul produced track, (who is also responsible for ‘My Dream’ and Nesbeth’s most recent EP ‘Victory’) addresses these detractors or “haters” with a very simple but direct message that…. The Devil is nothing more than a mendacious liar trying to steer us away from our dreams and aspirations.

“All who a talk and a say we nah go make it anything we try…” is just one of the lines that resonates on this carefully crafted composition that was conceptualised at the iconic Tuff Gong Studio, recorded at Mixing Lab and mixed by virtuosos Barb Wiya Music. The song, like “My Dream”, is very trancy, makes you feel inspired and lifted with it cross appeal. The amazing harmonies that rang out in “My Dream” are very evident in D.I.A.L. The lyrics, though simple, are masterfully woven together to compliment the hybrid beat. Though branded as a Reggae Artiste Nesbeth’s music can’t be really ascribed to any particular genre but would be fittingly titled as Music for the World.