Nesbeth – My Dream

While many artiste strive to have a successful recording career not everyone is content in such a solitary role and multifaceted entertainer Nesbeth is making that very clear with his latest venture.

The Reggae stalwart in recent times has been expanding his musical portfolio not only as a performer and songwriter but also a producer. Though unknown to most the Rastafarian crooner has been dabbling into production and is credited for the composition of ‘Hundu Lay Lay’ and ‘Marijuana’, two of the many tracks on his current EP ‘Victory’, being distributed by Zojak Worldwide.

However, it’s his latest effort ‘My Dream’ that has been attracting a lot of industry attention causing many to ask. Who is responsible for the production? The thought provoking, yet catchy composition has been steadily making in-rows on the FM airwaves across the diaspora and based on current trends is poised to become another bonafide hit following in the footsteps of predecessors such as ‘So Let It Be’ and ‘Board House’.