Protoje ft. Kabaka Pyramid – The Flame

Track 11 from Protoje’s #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th!

Produced by: Winta James
Artwork by: Taj Francis

Forever the same
is only Jah love will remain
Forever the same
never the fortune nor the fame
forever the same
oh we will call up on his name
forever the same
Say babylon can’t out the flame

i hear the questions bickering
tensions thickening
friends have agendas attention they listening
Mr. Mention no intention of giving in
flame ya no flickering blaze till you sick of him
back with an army raising a nation
never for the praise or for plays from you station
see them displays its so fake run away man
health over wealth i just pray say me stay strong
hand coulda tired but the banner haffi fly
naa try switch the grammar fi your honour or no guy
righ over might if it go so me will fight for me brother
like Spanner Banner Pliers Richie Spice
Mama Elise yeah you told me to shine
don’t let these foes get control of my mind
And whenever they come for I won’t deny Jah this a me reply

(Kabaka Pyramid)
I and I a call up on the king
like goosebumps crawl up pon me skin
when them verse ya fall up pon diddim
i remember when me ras up and me father want me trim
eventually i did but now me natty tall again
Just the most high set the path
and a you gotta make the walk
and stand taller than a shepards staff
trough any trial and tribulation in any situation rasta see me stay strong
true me say pyramid them ask if is a Mason
them a say the rasta thing nuh need no innovation
but a we a seek the knowledge and information
fi free the people them wah in a frustration
So i a tell you many are called but the chosen few
know fi obey the unspoken rules
so I&I a gwaan chant a coupe potent tunes
leff babywrong up in a smoke and fumes

I rather be spiritually attained than critically acclaimed
put that pon you brain systematically drained
whatever that them saying whoever that them claim
coulda never know my pain and never bear my strain
them a study wah me sing me a sit and do me thing
application a within supplication a to HIM
then it becomes less about the tune them wah a spin
but the knowing that the work was the best it coulda been
having the team deh pon the road a tour with me
no mean a thing if the message no have the purity
and so me stay substance over hype
with no substandard respond if you like
understand that it might get abundance of fight
see stunts for the lights so me bun that pon sight
like the bush den pon fire wah a blaze and no burn them say me crazy me no concern