Protoje ft. Mortimer – Protection

Track 1 from Protoje’s #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th!

Protoje ft. Mortimer – Protection
Produced by: Winta James
Artwork by: Taj Francis –

A word unto the wise is enough
You can look but don’t touch
My relations and such
Cause out here in this jungle we roam
Every King has his throne
And if you enter my zone
I vow Protect my Own, Protect my own
I will protect my own, protect my own

Bread basket from birth to the casket
Ive heard they been talking some words I look past it
I was brought up and taught of the tactics
And learned that the Lion nuh turn when dog barking
Watch who you burn who you spark with
And you haffi go earn if u want it
So we nuh concern with who hawking
When them spit can’t reach where we walking
Enemies in disguise wanna see my demise
Them nuh even realise jah nuh wrong dem
Cause i see that in life you achieve supmn’, nice
but achieve sumpn’ twice is a problem
Then, you can imagine what i face
Two up in the hand and another on the way
Plus i have another in the brain
And every other one a put the other one to shame

Sharp like the thorn crown pon christ head
But you know the flow hardough like slice bread
Lyrics melt the butter fi make a nice spread
But a nuh margarine i pull the margin in
Then stretch the margin out and if you marching out
And you inna doubt then march without me
I rather march alone than fi march back home
Tell me Queen say me lost the throne, No
This was built on the power of the truth
Discovering the cowards and empowering the youth
If you give dem a minute dem devouring the fruit
And within an hour call it sour and chop the root
You nuh see it? No skill like Bibbi pon me feet
But drop me pon the riddim watch the clarity weh speak
Ain’t no parity between what we have and what we need
So strength out to the wise and protection for the weak.