Protoje – Who Can You Call

Protoje – Who Can You Call
Produced by: Winta James
Taken from the Ancient Future Album
Artwork by: Stella Blu >

30 pieces of sliver i said that was the price
you see the value man woulda put pon the blood of christ
for Joseph it was 20 they never liked his coat
for Bob a coulda more they never liked of what he spoke
inspite of all these notes i see the pattern them developing
Morality secondary to money greed and jealousy
thats how many fell you see and with that being said
i’d wondered if my brothers put a price upon my head

Ive heard that money makes friends and money makes foes
but money it is not all
cause when the dough ends and all the banks close
tell me who can you call
Who can you call

I’ve seen empires fall and wither down to dust
and all the money in the world it could not lift them up
most brilliant of ornaments crumble down to rust
because we put we faith in lust and disregard the trust
hell i know the rush
I’ve had the feeling take me over
the power in my hand when all the band over my shoulder
the bands of money coming in will change the ones around you
be wise you know because it cannot stop you getting older but still
i admit that i get caught up in the game
saw the legends do it naturally i did the same
so I’m rolling round the city
Ms. Jamaica deh den with me
Earth den pon me platter knowing all of this no matter

And do you think that with the last breath that you take
You’ll be sitting thinking bout the money that you made
houses that you lived in cars you drove the bills you paid
and yet it is the focus what we do and what we say
what we give we energy
so you spend your life a work
acting like the money will be with you in the hearse
leaving all you family and friends to fight and search
that when you see the snakes come out and act like they deserve
like them put you on reserve

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