Pump Up The Sound – Bani Fyah

Bani Fyah is a Ugandan Reggae singer who is based in the country´s capital Kampala. The singer is born in Kabale in the southwest of Uganda, an area close to the border of Rwanda, which is also known for being the home area of the Nyabingi movement. This movement was the name-giving influence behind the Jamaican Nyabinghi branch of the Rastafari movement in Jamaica.

The song “Pump Up The Sound” from Ancient Astronauts´ latest album “ZIK ZAK” features Bani Fyah on vocals with the songstress dropping lyrics condemning slackness and corruption. It has received great support and feedback from DJs, sound systems, radio stations, and blogs worldwide and surely was one of the golden nuggets on “ZIK ZAK”.

When fellow soundbwoy and producer Professor Skank contacted Ancient Astronauts and offered to do a remix for “Pump Up The Sound” it was a no-brainer for the German production duo cause they have been fans of his music since the release of his song “Revolution”. The remix he created is a deep bouncing remix that has been already tested on a big sound system. PUMP UP THE SOUND !!