Lioness – Queen Omega (Lyric Video)

For a few months, Queen Omega has been revealing several tracks that will compose her new album. Today the talented Trinidadian artist unveils her new single Lioness.

This a cry from the heart of this female artist who imposed herself as one of the first female singers and authors in reggae/dancehall at the dawn of the 90s. In a society dominated by patriarchy, Queen Omega proudly carries the voice of women who are often silenced. She encourages the new generation, with its strong spiritual and emotional power, to continue the fight for gender equality.

Once again, Queen Omega’s lyrics are filled with conscious messages. Drawing inspiration from her own life experience, she relates with great emotion and pride how important it is to assert one’s rights as a woman, as a mother or as a worker, and does not fail to remind us of how important the role of women is in the fragile balance of our societies.

On a reggae roots instrumentation of Lionsflow Production, Lioness is a feminist anthem, an ode to all the women of this world.

Lioness is available on digital platforms, along with a lyric video on Baco Music’s YouTube channel.

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