Rise Up – Kes ft Queen Omega

Soca superstar and cultural ambassador Kes has recently releaaed his latest album ‘Man With No Door’ on March 29, marking his first full-length project in over a decade, released by Ineffable Records. The highly anticipated album promises to deliver a musical journey that transcends boundaries and celebrates the diverse influences that have shaped Kes’s iconic sound.

Inspired by the concept of creative freedom, ‘Man With No Door’ aims to create a sonic space that unites the myriad worlds explored by Kes throughout his musical odyssey.

With a blend of colorful melodies, infectious rhythms, and diverse styles, the album invites listeners to revel in the richness of musical diversity and discover the common thread that connects us all.

In a standout collaboration, Kes joins forces with Trinbagonian reggae powerhouse artist Queen Omega on the powerful track ‘Rise Up.’ The song serves as a poignant call to action for unity and positive change in a world that is ripe for transformation.

Through their impassioned lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Kes and Queen Omega deliver a rallying cry for collective empowerment and upliftment.